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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bailey's Birthday Party

Bailey getting to be one of the first ones to eat a
piece of her Birthday cake. She mainly like eating
the frosting on top.

Singing Happy Birthday to Bailey. She actually knew
how to blow out the three candles.

My little three year old.

She loved all the toys she got. She could not concentrate
on just one.

Bailey, Bethany and Martin eating at the kiddie
table while Carter ate at his high chair.

My cousin Reed and his wife Christine.

It can't get any easier than Little Caesar.

I can't believe my little girl is three. She has been such a blessing in our lives. I love this age because she is so eager and willing to learn as we go over sentences and words. It seems she is picking something up everyday. She is always bounding with energy and entertained very easy as she plays. She also will settle down for a little cuddle time as we read a book or let me tickle her arm. For I love my little girl!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Extended Christmas day

It was a wonderful day spent with loved ones, good food and lots of presents. We were truly spoiled by Kelly and Kari. They made us a yummy ham dinner with the fixings and we finished it off with a slice of fruit pizza made by me. We ended the day by relaxing while the guys watched the Green Bay Packers against the Bears. I can't ask for a better Christmas, except being able to have all of mine and Jared's family together.

Can you say HO, HO!!! My step mom Linda got my
dad this shirt at Wal-mart all he needs is a bag full of toys.

We then ended up my Dad's house were we ate Subway for lunch
provided by Nikki my dad's step daughter and opened a continuation of gifts from each other.

Bailey loves being tickled. My grandma knew
just what to do. Bailey was trying hard not to go
to sleep.

Bailey loved her hat that she wore it all day long.
She loved it so much that when Carter took it off
she started crying. Don't mess with the hat!!

We went to my grandparents after we opened all
of our gifts and had breakfast. We wanted to see them
open the gifts that we got them.

Opening Gifts

My model!!! Bailey posing with the hat her aunt
Kayla made for her.

For Christmas Kai and Bailey and Carter got tables
from Grandma Ott. They spent a half hour sitting
and coloring on this table.

I was trying to have her help me open this gift,
but she was not really interested in opening any
gifts. She just wanted to play with them instead.
I think she will understand more next year.

I am not sure what is going on here. I think that
they are just playing around.

Kari was making Carter Smile so we could take a
picture. I just wish we could get him to look at
the camera.

Yeah, you can tell Carter does not want to have
anything to do with this hat also made by Kayla.

Yeah, he didn't really care for this hat either.

We spent our Christmas at Kelly and Kari's house in
Twin Falls. We ended getting up about 7:30 to Skype
my mom so should be with us on Christmas day and
watch the kids open up their gifts. Kari got her a camera
and microphone so we could do this. It was nice. I think
the last time I spent Christmas with my mom was in 2006
when she met Jared for the first time. So it was nice to see
her on camera instead of talking to her by phone. I was really
spoiled this year with everything we got, especially the kids
were. I really wanted to make sure they had a nice Christmas
even though Jared and I did not do anything for each other.
My Christmas gift from Jared will come at the end of January.
It's gas to get to Twin with. Kari is giving me her really nice
Entertainment center when they get their big flat screen TV.
I am really excited to get it. It is really nice and made from
natural wood.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

White Elphant gift exchange

Kayla, Kari & Kelly.

We had to get a picture of us in here.

Angie my cousin's daughter so excited to be getting
a game.

My grandpa and Bailey bonding.

This year we change things up by having a White
elephant exchange. My grandparents usually head
the Christmas eve get together by giving each one
of us a gift with a scripture that relates to one of our
talents or gifts that we all individually have. I guess there
is always change, but it is hard when you instilled this
tradition in your family and now have to change it. It
was still fun though because the most important thing
was that we were still together. I got a Santa Claus pitcher
and Jared got prunes. Yum!! Not.

Christmas Eve dinner

My grandparents have been really good examples
to me. They have showed me that fairy tales do
exist and if you live your life righteously you can
have a good life.

Eating Christmas dinner.

Kelly and Kari posing for the camera.

Carter was not interested in eating at the kiddie
table. So daddy held him while he ate!

Tyler, Garret, and Matt waiting in line for dinner.

I always look forward to getting together with my
family. This year we met at my aunt Terry Lynn's
house on Christmas eve for a good ham dinner.
It is nice to be with those you know and love and
be able to joke around and laugh with one another.
I love these times because of the many memories
that are created and are able to be cherished for
many years to come.

Kiddie table

It was nice to see them as they ate at their own little
table and be able to interact with one another.

He is so caring and loving.

My cousin's wife Flor just had their little baby at the
beginning of November. Jared was so cute with her as he
was quick to want to hold her and kept talking and looking at her.
I loved watching him hold this little baby. He is so loving and caring. He us such a wonderful daddy to our little ones.

My funny sisters

This is there more serious side.


My sisters are so funny! I couldn't help to take a
couple pictures of their beautiful, but funny faces.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Two little grown ups

Bailey kept on copying everything Kai was doing.
It was cute!

Two grown ups!

Bailey and Kai just hanging out while watching the movie
Nemo. Oh, they are so cute and growing up so fast.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bailey and her mothering instincts

We were at Wal-mart getting some groceries and
picking up a few Christmas items when Bailey
found this little baby doll. I was very impressed,
because every time the baby doll started to cry
she would put the bottle in its mouth and then
caressed it. What a good little mommy!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Carter on the phone

Carter likes to be on the phone, especially mine.
I am so glad that he has this play one that I don't
have to try and take away.

Making Christmas treats

I love this time of year because it gives me the excuse
to be able to make some Christmas goodies. One of
my favorite treats to make is sugar cookies. Carter really
enjoyed them too.

Some more decorations

I love these cute stocking hangers. They give the right
touch to this cute shelf that I got as a stocking gift the year

Bailey giving loves

Bailey always loves giving kisses and getting them. It
was so cute. She got up on the couch right by me and
was making her toys kiss and then she was giving them kisses.

Singing in the tub

One of the things they like to do in the tub besides
playing is singing. It is so funny when we are completely
done singing Bailey will ask to sing another and then another
and so on.


They love giving each other kisses. The funny part
about it is that they always make the smooching
sound when they do it.

My silly girl

Bailey loves pointing at pictures around the house
and individual naming everyone off. I had received some
Christmas pictures and cards that I put on my fridge. Bailey
kept pointing to them and saying "What is that?". I was trying
to help her say "Who is that". She some how got it mixed up by
saying "Poop is that". My silly girl!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

sharing time

This one of the first time that I have seen them sit and share a toy
together without fighting over it. They were playing with
Bailey's leap top and making noises every time that they
pushed a button. There is hope.

Friday, December 16, 2011

My curious boy in the dryer

I don't know how he got in the dryer, but he did. I
think boys are a lot more curious than girls because
I don't remember Bailey ever doing this.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bailey playing make believe

I just love watching her play make believe. You still
can't understand what she is saying, but it is so cute.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

They love going to Mcdonalds

Jared took the kids to Mcdonalds while I had Activity Days at our
house. They always love going up and down this slide. I love being able to go see them interact with other kids. I also love it because it gets most of their energy out.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What love

They love their Aunt Tracy. Every time that she drops
in they get so excited to see her. Bailey loves to wrestle with
Tracy and have her arms tickled, while Carter will go and sit on
her lap for a little snuggle.